Cities and villages of the island

Boa Vista, known as the Neverending Island or the “Island of Morna”, is very peaceful and consists of zones, villages with the same atmosphere as an island of sea, sun and wind, the municipality is formed by: Sal Rei, Bofareira, Rabil, Estância De Baixo, the northern area made up of three small villages together João Galego, Fundo das Figueiras, Cabeça dos Tarafes and Povoação Velha which the locals call “Stancha”.

Sal Rei is the only town on the island, which consists of salt pans around it, which takes its name Sal Rei, used to be very important not only for raising livestock, but also for collecting salt, as well as the island of Sal. Beautiful and incredible beaches for walks and family baths such as Estoril and Cabral beach.

In front of the bay of Sal Rei you can see a small islet with a fortress called Duque de Bragança, built by the Portuguese in colonial times to protect the bay from pirate attacks. Most of the important structures on the island are centered in Sal Rei, generally a quiet village, most places can be reached on foot as the town is not very big.

Villages of Boavista


A village located 10 km east of the town of Sal Rei, quite small with less than 200 inhabitants.

Cabeça Dos Tarafes

Cabeça dos tarrafes, in june the village celebrates the feast of St. John.

Curral Velho

The old fishing village on the south coast of Boavista.

Estância de Baixo

A small town next to the sandy desert.

Fundo Das Figueiras

Fundo Das Figueiras, the town with calm streets and bright colors.

João Galego

One of the small rural villages in the north of the island.

Povoação Velha

The village where the history of Boavista was born.


The village is located between the airport and the Rabil river.


The main city on the island, composed by salt pans around it, from there derives its name.

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