Rent a vehicle in Boa Vista

Renting a quad or a car in Boavista is easy if you book in advance. The island is very large and most of the hotels are located at a great distance from the cities and major points of interest. It will almost always be necessary to call a taxi to take a tour outside or to book an excursion that has transportation included.

The roads of Boavista are winding and wild. The only paved road runs through the island from north to south, passing through the airport. The rest of the routes are dirt, rocky or sandy. A part of the wonder of the island is precisely the nature that still preserves and protects much of the territory, whose points of interest can be reached only with suitable vehicles.


– There is a lot of demand for this type of service, we recommend booking in advance or the day you arrived.
– If you rent a petrol or diesel vehicle, be aware that the only two petrol stations are in Sal-Rei.
– The sun is very strong, even if it is not too hot. Bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes (or flip-flops) and sunglasses.
– A bandana will be very useful, especially for some paths where it can be a little dusty.
– Always tell someone what ride you intend to do. It will be easier to find you in case of problems.

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Gasoline/Diesel vehicle

If you want to explore Boavista in comfort and freedom, renting a 4×4 pickup is the ideal choice. Equipped with a high-performance engine, the pickup allows you to reach every corner of the island in complete autonomy. Always pay attention to the road, especially at night, for your safety and that of pedestrians, cyclists, and animals crossing.

To rent a pickup, you must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years old. The vehicle can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Full insurance with medical expense coverage for driver and passengers is included in the rental, providing peace of mind during the adventure.

With the pickup, you can discover the island with your friends or family, enjoying breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders.

Available every day, all year round.

INCLUDED TRANSPORT: The car is delivered to the agency or directly outside your hotel, as per your request, usually at 9.00 am (9.30 at the Riu Touareg). The local guide will contact you after the booking for further details.

RETURN: the service lasts 24 hours for each rental day. In case of delay, an extra day’s rate will be applied.

PRICE: 80€ per day (200€ security deposit).


gasoline vehicle

Discover the island aboard a powerful quad that perfectly adapts to any terrain of Boavista! The half-day rental allows you to see 2 or 3 points of interest depending on how long you want to stop. The full-day gives you that leeway to include lunch and return before evening.

The quad bike is by far the most suitable way to explore all the places on the island, but remember to bring water with you and use caution, especially in the evening (it is common for animals to cross the road).

The vehicles proposed here are insured against damage to third parties and to yourself. The renter will explain the delivery and return details to you. To drive, you must be of legal age and have a driving license.

Available all year round
– Bravo Praia Chave: 08:15 / 13:15
– Riu Touareg: 08:00 / 13:30
– Royal Horizon: 08:20 / 13:20
– Marine Club: 08:30 / 13:30
– Riu Karamboa: 08:45 / 13:45
– Riu Palace: 08:30 / 13:30
– Sal Rei: 08:30 / 13:30
– Chave: 08:20 / 13:20

TRANSPORT INCLUDED: Pick-up or bus directly at the hotel or in the city. Further details will be provided after booking.

RENTAL PRICE: double motorbike (2 people)
€80 – half-day 9.00/13.00 or 14.00/18.00
€110 – full-day 9.00/18.00


electric vehicle

Electric bikes are ideal for getting around in a green way and without the need for a driving license. They have a range of about 120km and carry 1 person, at a speed limited to 40km/h. Equipped with automatic transmission, they are agile on sand, clay and asphalt roads.

The minimum age to drive is 14. The helmet is not mandatory, but is provided for safety nonetheless. The 2 removable batteries supplied can be charged from a normal 220V socket (available on the island), directly in your room. If you rent the vehicle for more than 24 hours, it is also possible to change the batteries directly from the renter.

Included are insurance and medical bills for the driver, as well as a USB socket to charge the phone and a smartphone holder (which can be used as a GPS).

Available every day, all year round

DELIVERY: 9.00 AM, in Sal-Rei. The renter will contact you after booking for delivery.

RETURN: the service lasts 24 hours for each rental day. In case of delay, the fee of one more day will be applied. It is not necessary to return the vehicle with charged batteries.

PRICE: 28€ per day (50€ deposit).


petrol vehicle

Scooters are ideal for getting around in Boavista, if you want to spend less than a quad and explore the island by your own. Equipped with automatic transmission, 125cc petrol motor, they are agile on clay and asphalt roads.

Always be careful on the road, especially in the evening, there may be people walking, cycling or animals crossing (donkeys, goats, horses).

The minimum age to drive is 16 years old, a motorbike driving license A is required, and children under 7 are not recommended. The helmet is mandatory and is provided for safety nonetheless.

Insurance and medical bills included for driver and passenger.

Available every day, all year round.

TRANSFER INCLUDED: a bus/taxi will pick you up between 8.15/8.45 at your accommodation. The local guide will contact you after booking for pickup/delivery hours.

RETURN: the service lasts 9.00/18.00 every day, 24 hours mean 2 days. In case of delay, the fee of one more day will be applied.

PRICE: 1-2 days 35€ per day; from 3 days 30€ per day (100€ deposit).


petrol vehicle

Discover the excellence of the sea by renting a RIB 850 inflatable boat, ideal for experiencing an unforgettable adventure in the company of family and friends. The service includes the captain, with whom you will have the opportunity to explore the marine wonders with total freedom and safety.

Departing in the morning, a day full of exploration and relaxation awaits you, returning to the starting point in the afternoon. With a maximum capacity of 8 people, the service guarantees an intimate and personalized experience.

The captain will guide you through the choices of excursions, advising you on the best options based on sea conditions and your preferences, but the rental provides ample freedom of movement, as the captain is only responsible for the boat and yours safety on board. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to enrich your experience with additional activities such as snorkeling and canoeing, upon request.

Available every day, from June to February.

TRANSFER INCLUDED: a bus/taxi will pick you up between 8.30/8.45 at your accommodation. The local guide will contact you after booking for pickup/delivery hours.

RETURN: the service lasts 2-4-6 hours, with transport to your accommodation.

PRICE: 2h: 150€, 4h: 250€, 6h: 350€
(deposit not required).
Fuel is not included as it depends on the route taken and your choices (on average it varies from €20 and €50).

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