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First time in Boa Vista? Those who love and know nature, know the various dangers that it presents in several countries. Although Cape Verde is an African country, it presents no dangers regarding dangerous wildlife. The same goes for the island of Boavista, where there are no animals considered dangerous, such as snakes, crocodiles, scorpions or even lions and other wild cats. What we have here is an infinity of rare birds that attract observers from all over the world, where many of them can be observed during excursions, including some species of eagles and hawks.

Depending on the period, the island of Boa Vista is one of the favourite destinations for migrating whales and for spawning turtles. The ocean has an explosion of colours among fish, dolphins, turtles and whales. And don’t worry about sharks: the abundance of fish in these waters keeps them away and there are no real dangers for swimmers and fishermen. Get to know on the site all the information you need to observe and fall in love with these animals.

Explore the island on excursions, discover beaches like Santa Monica and the caves of Varandinha, a venture among the dunes of the Viana desert and relax in the Bay of Chaves. Let yourself be moved by land where nature can be admired without disturbances! You can visit Sal-Rei, the island’s capital, get some souvenirs, do water sports or sunbathe in total relaxation. However, you may be tempted to rent a pickup and venture out on the island quietly and if necessary, you have access to the telephone network, practically everywhere, and if you use a local card, you will also have access to 4G!

What to see in Boavista

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