Whale watching in Boavista

Boa Vista is an ideal destination for whale watching in Cape Verde. North Atlantic Humpback whales visit the island to give birth, usually from March to May, though the timing can vary depending on the previous winter’s climate. The island’s currents carry the whales’ favorite food, krill (plankton), making it a favorite spot for them. Whale sightings are frequent, and Boa Vista offers an excellent chance to see these gentle giants up close.

A three-hour boat ride along the shores of Boa Vista (either on a catamaran or motorboat) gives visitors a high probability of seeing whales. As their numbers have increased over the years, it’s clear that Boa Vista offers a favorable environment for the whales. Watching these majestic creatures can raise awareness of the importance of protecting them, and it’s a safe and enjoyable activity for all ages.

baleias boa vista cabo verde
baleia boa vista

North Atlantic Humpback whales are massive but peaceful animals, often approaching boats out of curiosity. Visitors can witness their agility through jumps and tail shots, and the generally calm sea and proximity to the coast make for a serene and pleasant trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the thrill of whale watching in Boa Vista, Cape Verde.


– It is better to wear comfortable shoes and a light sweatshirt: in the boat the floor can be wet and there can be a lot of wind. It is not recommended to wear heels or elegant clothing.
– Be punctual, as transport is usually on time.
– If you have professional cameras, it is advisable to bring a plastic bag or a waterproof backpack, as the splashes and the saltiness could ruin the objectives.
– By booking on this page your request is forwarded directly to authorized agencies with insurance.

whale tail boavista



4 hours

The trip starts from your hotel or from the city in the early morning or in the afternoon. Once you reach the small pier of the city, a spacious inflatable boat will bring you on board of an elegant motor yacht.

After about 30 minutes, you will reach the observation area, in the company of a biologist, a professional photographer and the crew, who will make you feel at ease for the duration of the cruise. There is a bathroom on board.

An introductory briefing will provide general information on the biology of humpbacks and their behaviour. During the excursion, it is not possible to film underwater or go swimming. At the end of the tour, the photographer can send to you the pics of the day. The crew can also provide information about other animals you might see (sometimes even dolphins, whale sharks, flying fish and other marine animals).

The excursion is suitable for children (from 4 years) and there are guides that speak English.

Every day, in the March/April/May period

DEPARTURE (morning or afternoon):
Touareg*/Horizon/Bravo: 8:00AM – 1.00PM
Karamboa/Palace: 8.10AM – 1.10PM
Sal-Rei city (all accommodations): 8:30AM – 1:30PM

RETURN: expected after about 3 hours of navigation.

€ 65 adults (+12 years), € 45 children (4-11 years). *from RIU Touareg there is an extra cost of € 10 per person.

In case of bad weather or unfavourable sea conditions, the excursion is postponed or cancelled and refunded.


3 hours

The departure is directly from the beach of Sal-Rei, at the agreed time. The RIB is a type of boat designed for open ocean rescue, an extremely safe and fast inflatable boat, suitable for navigation in Boavista.

The excursion lasts about 3h, the time necessary to move away from the beach and search for whales, often easily visible even from the coast.

During the tour it will be possible to admire the beauty of the island’s landscape in a short time, suitable for an excursion that does not take up most of the day and in the company of a few people.

The speed of the boat allows very rapid movements once a whale has been sighted, which guarantees an almost certain visibility of the animals. The guides speak English, French and Italian.

Every day, in the March/May period

DEPARTURE: From all accommodations: 9:00AM – 11:30AM – 2.00PM. After booking, the guide will contact you for pickup time from your hotel.

RETURN: expected after about 2.5 hours of navigation.

€55 adults (+6 years), €30 children (0-6 years). *from RIU Touareg there is an extra cost of €30 for each taxi (max 4 people).

In case of bad weather or unfavourable sea conditions, the excursion is postponed or cancelled and refunded.

Why do whale watching?
The whale is the largest animal that lives on our planet. At birth weighs 3 tons and while living in the sea, is a mammal very similar to humans. Lives in a herd, gives birth, mates with a single companion, protects the puppies and teaches them to swim and feed. It is an animal that transmits power, joy and freedom and also transmits it to those who live the experience of meeting it.

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