Culture and traditions of Cape Verde

From the days of the slave routes until the declaration of independence, Cape Verde has had to develop, in its ten islands, different cultures, which today are rooted and mixed. Creole is the mother tongue originally from Portuguese, while this, is the official language. Among the local population, there are hundreds of people from the Senegalese and Guinean communities. About 90% of citizens are Catholics and there are churches and religious buildings across the island.

The historical and geographical section is full of details, photos and documents. The local handicrafts are quite small, most of them are originally from the African coast, but the true Cape Verdean tradition resides in music. Many Cape Verdean artists, such as singers, writers and painters, are in international markets and periodically return to their homeland for exhibitions, shows or concerts.

Check the island’s calendar to see if there are any special events during your holiday. Find it on the homepage of the website or in the official app for smartphones and tablets!