Culture and local traditions of Boavista

Cape Verdean culture is the result of hundreds of years of interaction and mixing of various populations, which recent events have favored the creation of the Republic of Cape Verde. From the times of the slave routes to the declaration of independence, Cape Verde has seen dozens of different cultures pass through its islands, which today have taken root and mixed together. The Kriol, a local population who speak a language of Portuguese origin, are perfectly integrated with the population of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. More than 90% of the population is Catholic. A historical section is full of details, photos and documents.

Much of the craftsmanship is of African origin, but the true Cape Verdean tradition and culture lies in the music and celebrations that every island and every locality always organizes at its best. Artists from Cape Verde, such as singers, writers and actors, are now international and periodically return to their homeland for shows and concerts. Check the agenda of the island to see if there is any special event during your holiday!

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