Culture and local traditions of Boavista

The Cape Verdean culture is the result of hundreds of years of interaction and blending of various populations, a unique mosaic of African, European, and Brazilian influences, which reached its peak with the creation of the Republic of Cape Verde.

From the times of the slave trade routes to the declaration of independence, Cape Verde has seen dozens of different cultures pass through its islands. The Kriol, a local population speaking a language of Portuguese origin, are perfectly integrated with the populations of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau. Over 90% of the population is Catholic, a bond reflected in a historical section of the island, rich in details, photographs, and documents.

When speaking of Boavista, it’s impossible not to immerse oneself in its vibrant music. Cape Verdean artists, such as singers, writers, and actors, are now international and regularly return home for performances and concerts. The true tradition and culture of Cape Verde reside in the music and in the celebrations that each island and locality always organize to perfection.

Much of the craftsmanship in Boavista is of African origin, but the island is also famous for its unspoiled beaches, colonial architecture, and unique gastronomy, all within a warm and welcoming environment.

The culture of Boavista is a fascinating synthesis of past and present, where historical influences mingle with the island’s modern vitality. Every street, every dish, every melody tells a story that inextricably links Boavista to the identity of Cape Verde.

Visit Boavista, let yourself be enveloped by its magic, and discover the true essence of Cape Verde, a place where the roots of tradition intertwine with the innovation and creativity of a constantly evolving culture.

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