Culture and traditions of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago formed by 10 islands of which 9 are inhabited. Cultures differ between them and language is the one that stands out the most. Each island has a different Creole or dialect but the official language is Portuguese, which is used in schools, public administration, the press and publications.

Cape Verdean culture is very rich. With different modalities and areas, language, music, crafts, literature, and religion are just some elements that are part, not only of the culture but also of the traditions existing in this small country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Check out our gallery below, and marvel at the cultural and traditional wonders of Cape Verde.

architettura cabo verdeArchitecture historical buildings Architecture historical buildings

music cabo verdeMusic the soul of Cape Verde Music the soul of Cape Verde

Literature texts, works, writers Literature texts, works, writers

cachupa cabo verdeCooking and recipes typical dishes and gastronomy Cooking and recipes typical dishes and gastronomy

Language the kriol dialect Language the kriol dialect

Igreja nazarenoReligion rites and ceremonies Religion rites and ceremonies

cape verde schoolEducation teaching and school Education teaching and school

arte pinturaArts and crafts painting and sculpture Arts and crafts painting and sculpture