Boa Vista island, Cabo Verde

Being the 3rd largest in Cape Verde, the island of Boavista is about 620 km², 30 km in the north-south direction and 29 km wide, is almost round and mostly deserted, presenting a vast territory with breathtaking views, points of interest with tourist attractions, white and crystalline beaches, calm ocean, favourable climate and a quiet population living in a serene and peaceful way, away from the stress. In addition to the blue sky, fresh and clean air, tropical landscapes and paradisiacal beaches, the island has conditions for carrying out various sports activities (see the sports page), it also offers conditions for its exploration in organized and safe excursions.

Relax...No Stress

Boa Vista is one of the few existing paradises that are still untouched and protected from invasive tourism. The services in the territory and its location make it unique for those looking for relaxation, as well as for those who want to be close to nature without great dangers. Sunbathing, relaxing, always eating in a different place, venturing out on walks that will remain in your memory, are activities for everyone, adults and children. The hotels’ equipped beaches are ready to welcome you and offer all kinds of comfort, as well as beach clubs on the coast and hotels in the city.

Enjoy Cape Verdean cuisine in typical restaurants eating delicious dishes, if you miss home, order a pizza or something you are more used to. Excursions and outdoor activities will keep you closer to nature and, depending on the weather, will make you discover stunning views, wonderful animals and characteristic points of interest that will turn into beautiful memories. On the portal, you will find everything you need to get excited!