Nature of Boavista

The nature of Boavista is unique. It is the island further east of the archipelago of Cape Verde, about 455 km from the African coast. It has a surface area of ​​620 km2 which makes it the third largest island in the archipelago, with a pentagonal shape. Its dimensions, in the north-south direction, reach 31 km, while in the east-west direction they are about 29 km.

The island consists of sedimentary rocks with eruptive outcrops in the area of ​​Rabil and Fundo das Figueiras, and the surfaces are generally quite flat. Pico d’Estancia, at 387 meters, is the highest point on the island. Among the vegetation are several species of palm trees with others having three or more trunks coming out of the same base. Full of dunes that give it a lunar landscape, the island has 55 km of beautiful beaches with white sand and emerald water, characteristics that make Boavista an exceptional tourist destination.

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