Curral Velho

Along the south coast of Boavista lies the ghost town of Curral Velho. The old fishing village is deserted and you will only find ruins today. Curral Velho is the oldest settlement in Boavista and dates back to the 17th century. You can walk among the ruins of the old buildings and then enjoy the nearby beach (Curral Velho beach). This is a beautiful stretch of untouched beach.

Curral Velho was remote and the south coast was hard to reach. Besides, there was a lack of drinking water in the dry season. Besides the fact that the village lived from fishing, there was also a salt trade. There is a great salt plan near Curral Velho. Salt was traded to the other islands of Cape Verde and to the mainland. Curral Velho was abandoned around the 19th century. Due to the endless drought and pirate attacks, most of the inhabitants of the fishing village left to the biggest city of Boavista.

Curral Velho Boavista
Curral Velho Boavista
cural velho

Curral Velho is located on the south coast of Boavista, about 15 kilometers from the nearest village. From the city of Sal Rei, with a jeep, you will be in Curral Velho within one hour (about 43 kilometers). To the south of the village of Rabil, you go towards Fundo das Figueras. From here, it is one hour by car through a unique landscape that looks like you are on the moon. Curral Velho is also accessible from the village of Povoação Velha and Cabeço dos Tarafes. Be sure to drive a 4×4 car.