City of Sal-Rei

Sal-Rei, a city located on the island of Boavista, Cape Verde, was founded in the 19th century by Portuguese settlers. During this period, the island was mainly used for salt production, from which the city’s name “The King of Salt” derives (Rei means king in Portuguese, and it was used as a title of respect for the importance of salt production to the island’s economy).

The city is situated near beautiful and untouched beaches, such as Estoril and Cabral beaches. Facing the bay of Sal-Rei, you can see a small islet, Djeu, with the Fort of the Duke of Bragança, built by the Portuguese during colonial times to protect the bay from pirate attacks. Most of the island’s services are concentrated in Sal Rei, overall a peaceful place where everything is within walking distance as the city is not very large.

Also located in the Rotchina area is the Jewish Cemetery, one of the most important architectural assets of Boavista. Sal-Rei has grown over the years and is witnessing slow but steady development, attracting many foreign investors and new residents who find in Boavista a paradise to relocate to or spend long periods of the year.

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The chapel of Our Lady of Fatima, located in the back of Rotchinha, one of the driest areas of the island, near the sea and Praia David, has been recently restored. The chapel belonged to the Benoliel family; the woman was Catholic, so her husband, of Jewish origins, built the chapel in 1923 to honor her. After the family’s death, the chapel was abandoned and completely degraded, becoming an authentic ruin.

Only in 2015, a reconstruction was carried out by the Pancini family, who donated it to the Catholic church. Its inauguration took place on December 6, 2015, in a ceremony attended by the Bishop of Mindelo, Dom Ildo Fortes, who visited the island for this purpose. The new chapel on the outskirts of the Marine Club is part of the parish of Santa Isabel.

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The Church of Santa Isabel is one of the stops for those who want to see a point in the religion of the Cape Verdean people, mainly Christian. The celebrations in honor of the Municipality’s festival and its patron saint, Santa Isabel, begin in late June with a large display of social, cultural, and sports activities in the municipality and conclude on July 4 with the celebration of the traditional procession and popular lunch.

The festivities of the day bring life to the tranquil island of Boavista in grand style, lasting practically a week, where the island comes alive with activities spread throughout the city and the northern villages, not to mention the grand evening show, usually at the Polivalente or in the main square.

Another festival that is already gaining momentum is Carnival, a celebration of fantasy and joy.



2 hours

After a short briefing, the tour goes first through Rabil village, in the direction of the West Coast. Behind the RIU Karamboa hotel, the route pass over dusty tracks, through the dry river bed, further over sandy paths to the restored “Fatima” chapel.

After a 10-minute stop, the buggies pass through Sal-Rei to a beach bar in Estoril, located next to a high sand dune. From the top you have a breathtaking view over the whole bay of Chaves – photo stop. Continue on the paved road, after about 2 km the tour drive back to the starting point over a dusty mogul road.

Wear comfortable, insensitive clothing that can easily get dirty, and preferably sneakers or similar. The excursion is also suitable for children, from 7 years old. No special technical knowledge is required, and the excursion ends where it started.

– Bravo Praia Chave: 14:15
– Riu Touareg / Riu Palace: 14:30
– Royal Horizon: 14:20
– Marine Club / Sal-Rei: 14:30
– Riu Karamboa: 14:45
– Chaves: 14:20

RETURN: Expected after about 3h.

TRANSPORT INCLUDED: Pick-up or bus directly at the hotel or in the city. Further details will be provided after booking.

buggy for 2 people: 110€
passenger with guide: 55€

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