Sal-Rei city

The only city in the island, composed by salt pans around it, from there derives its name Sal-Rei, formerly very important not only for raising cattle but also for collecting salt, as well as the island of Sal.

It is located very close to beautiful and incredible beaches for family walks and baths like Estoril and Cabral beach. In front of Sal Rei bay you can see a small islet with a fort named “Duke of Bragança”, built by the Portuguese in colonial times to protect the bay from pirate attacks. Most of the important structures of the island are centered in Sal Rei, in its whole calm village, most of the places can be walked because the city is not very big.

Also located in the Rotchinha area the Jewish Cemetery is one of the most important architectural heritage of the Boavista. The graves are a real landmark of the existence in this island of an important Jewish community, emigrated in the middle of the 19th century. The Jewish Cemetery is considered one of the most interesting inheritances preserving the Jewish memory in Boavista.

salrei boavista
Vilas Sal Rei Boa Vista
Sal-Rei plaza

The chapel of Our Lady of Fátima is located near the Jewish cemetery, one of the most arid areas of the island, near the sea and a beach, on a high point. At the end of the 2000’s it was in ruins. The chapel belonged to the David Benoliel family, the wife was Catholic so the husband himself of Jewish roots built the chapel to honor his wife. After the death of the family the chapel was abandoned and completely degraded, turning into an authentic ruin.
And as the chapel was later offered the Catholic church where the Pancini family still saw the ruins of the chapel, as they were religious, they decided to rebuild the chapel.

DJI_0012 - Chiesa di Fatima

Its initial construction took place in 1923, where it was named the chapel of Our Lady of Fátima. After a few years the chapel began to be abandoned, due to its location perhaps, it is not known, but only in the year 2015 another reconstruction was made by the Pancini family who donated it to the Catholic Church. Its inauguration took place on December 6, 2015, in a ceremony attended by the Bishop of Mindelo , Bishop Ildo Fortes, who went to the island for this purpose. The new chapel on the outskirts of Marine Club, is inserted in the parish of Santa Isabel.

Chiesa di Fatima

The Church of Santa Isabel is one of the stops for those who want to see a point of the religion of the Cape Verdean people mostly Christian. The festivities in honor of the feast of the municipality and its patron saint, Santa Isabel, begins in the month of June with a large display of social, cultural and sporting activities of the municipality and ends on June 4 with the celebration of the traditional procession and popular lunch.

The festivities of the day of the municipality move the peaceful island of Boavista in a big way and they last for almost a whole month where the island “lives” with activities spread throughout the city, without forgetting the great spectacle of the famous Baile d’conjunto.

Another festival that is already becoming more popular is the carnival, a party of fantasy and joy.