Estância de Baixo

Estancia de Baixo is a settlement located in the western part of the island of Boavista, Cape Verde. With a population of 578 people in 2010, it represents the third most populated place on the island. The village is situated approximately 6 km southeast of the island’s capital, Sal Rei, west of the Viana Desert, on the eastern bank of the Ribeira do Rabil.

In the tranquility of Estancia de Baixo, visitors can immerse themselves in the authentic life of the island, away from crowded tourist areas. The village’s location offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valley, with a natural landscape that invites exploration. The proximity to the Viana Desert offers unique opportunities for desert adventures, while the Ribeira do Rabil provides a touch of oasis in this arid region.

The local culture of Estancia de Baixo reflects the rich heritage of Cape Verde, with African, Portuguese, and Creole influences blending into a unique mosaic of traditions and customs. The village residents are known for their warm hospitality, and visitors can expect to be welcomed as friends rather than tourists.

The proximity to Sal Rei also offers access to a range of services and attractions, including enchanting beaches, restaurants serving local cuisine, and shops offering traditional crafts. However, it is the simplicity and authenticity of Estancia de Baixo that attract those seeking an escape from hectic life and a more genuine experience of Cape Verde.

Estancia de Baixo is an ideal place for those who wish to explore the island of Boavista off the beaten path, offering a taste of local life, breathtaking landscapes, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes every visitor part of the community.



1 - 2 hours

Experience the thrill of a horse ride on the beach! Boavista is a wonderful backdrop to enjoy an experience in contact with nature, riding tamed horses with the assistance of a guide. The horses are young and tame, also suitable for children. For the more experienced the guides provide horses more suitable for some gallop, just indicate it in the notes during the booking.

The classic tour includes a walk on the beach of Chave and Estoril, with some stops to take photos and relax. It is possible to request tours for families with children or a more romantic experience for 2 people. If you are planning a surprise, the guides can arrive at the hotel at the time you prefer.

No special technical knowledge is required, suitable excursion from 4 years old.

Every day, all year round

DEPARTURE: The guide and the horses will pick you up directly from the beach in front of the hotel*. Further information will be provided after booking.

Single trip: 40 € 30min, 70 € 1 hour, 100 € 2 hours
Family trip: package 200 € 1 hour (2 to 4 people).
Sunset ride: package 125 € 90min (for 2 people).

*For Riu Touareg client, due to the distance, 40€ extra-cost for the taxi.

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