Estância de Baixo

Situated southwest of the city of Sal Rei, and west of the Viana Desert, one of the seven wonders of Cape Verde, this small town has always had cattle raising, agriculture and lime production as its main activities. In the past, donkeys were the most used means of transport for transporting their products, as in other parts of the island, to transport, in particular, cheeses, animal skin, meat, slaughter (goat that is killed after being salted and put in the sun), lime, bamboo wool, purgueira, coal, among other agricultural products there, to be sold in Sal Rei.

The village is also known for its authentic banquets, with large “picapada” balls, the christening of rag dolls, an interesting event, serenades, popular balls in the houses and dances, promoted by guitar and violin performers and the general population. One of the parties held in the locality is the famous Cruz de Nhô lôl party, which is celebrated every year, on the last Saturday of May.

Aldeia Estáncia de Baixo Boa Vista


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