Morro De Areia

Located on the island of Boavista, the Morro de Areia Natural Reserve is a place of extraordinary beauty and ecological significance. It takes its name from the Morro de Areia hill, rising to an elevation of 167 meters, and stretches along the coast.

The reserve is famous for its sand dunes that plunge into the ocean, creating a breathtaking landscape that is one of the most beautiful in Africa. The reserve covers an area of 25.85 km², with a 300-meter-wide marine protection zone, adding an additional 4.36 km² to the reserve. The reserve was established to protect the dynamics of the sand dunes and the endemic species of wildlife, including the red-billed tropicbird, the osprey, turtles, nurse sharks, and numerous invertebrates. Additionally, one can observe endemic species such as the Gorrión del Cabo and other bird species.

For visitors seeking a unique experience, quad excursions and 4×4 tours are available that traverse the reserve. These tours provide the opportunity to explore the dunes, beaches, caves, and natural trails of the reserve. The excursions are also suitable for children and do not require special technical knowledge.

The beaches of Morro de Areia are renowned for their unspoiled beauty, offering opportunities to sunbathe, swim, and relax. The excursions also include stops at the caves and beaches, offering chances to take photographs and explore natural cavities. Morro de Areia in Boavista is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Cape Verde. With its combination of stunning natural landscapes, unique fauna, and opportunities for outdoor adventures, it offers an unforgettable experience for travellers of all ages. Its unique location and ecological features make it an ideal place for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and those seeking a serene and scenic escape.

Visit Morro de Areia and discover one of Cape Verde’s hidden treasures, a place where sand dunes meet the ocean in an eternal embrace of natural beauty.



4 hours

It starts from the small town of Sal-Rei, where a brief briefing is given. By quad, you take the dirt road that leads to the oldest town of Boavista, Povoação Velha, in which there is a small stop. After visiting the small village we leave to go to the beautiful beach of Santa Monica, driving inside paths surrounded by acacias, in a river bed, where the stop is about 30 minutes, just the time for a nice bath in Cape Verde’s longest beach.

After having cooled off, we set off again along the beach to the caves of Varandinha, another marvellous beach, to take some photos and explore the natural cavities of the east part of the island. The last stop is the promontory of Morro de Areia, one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa, where the dunes dive into the ocean.

The excursion is also suitable for children, from 7 years. No special technical knowledge is required, and the excursion ends where it started.

– Bravo Praia Chave: 08:15 / 13:15
– Riu Touareg: 08:00 / 13:30
– Riu Palace: 08:30 / 13.30
– Royal Horizon: 08:20 / 13:20
– Marine Club: 08:30 / 13:30
– Riu Karamboa: 08:45 / 13:45
– Chave: 08:20 / 13:20
– Sal Rei: 08:30 / 13:30

RETURN: Expected after about 5h.

TRANSPORT INCLUDED: Pick-up or bus directly at the hotel or in the city. Further details will be provided after booking.

€100 double motorbike (2 people)
€85 single motorbike (1 person)


4-8 hours

The tour starts with a walk on the dunes of Praia de Chaves that dive into the ocean. From here the track of land that, flanking the coast with a wonderful panorama, leads to Praia de Varandinha, destination for extreme kiters and birdwatchers. A couple of km away is the oldest village of Boavista, Povoaçao Velha, and some still intact houses built with hand-made earthen bricks and thatched roofs bear witness to this.

We continue towards Santa Monica, considered the most beautiful beach of the archipelago, 11 km of white desert sand. Here you can have lunch, sunbathe and swim in a lovely bar / restaurant or simply relax in the hammock. It is a tour dedicated to the most beautiful beaches on the island.

The excursion is also suitable for children. The private tour in pick-up takes up to 8 people (with 2 cars). Full day tour allows more time on the beach. No special technical knowledge is required, and the excursion ends where it started.

From all hotels and Sal Rei:
Morning: 09:00 AM
Afternoon: 02:00 PM

RETURN: Expected after about 4h (half day) and 8h (full day)

Pick-up directly at the hotel or at your accommodation. Further details will be provided after booking.

EXCURSION PRICE (for the car)
Half day: 1-2 pax € 90; 3-4 pax € 120; 5-8 pax € 180
Full day: 1-2 pax € 120; 3-4 pax € 160; 5-8 pax € 240

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