Mount St. Anthony

The hill (or peak of) St. Anthony, with 379 m of altitude, is the second highest peak of the island of Boa Vista, in the archipelago of Cape Verde. It has volcanic origin and is located 20 km southeast of Sal Rei.Located near Rocha Estância and west of Monte Estância, one of three beautiful geographical island, a beautiful morphological with semicircular base height located in the plane of Alcanza with differences in altitude at 320 meters. It is part of a protected natural area in Cape Verde under the status of a natural monument, which is why it describes geological and geomorphic characteristics.

The upper part of the mountain is composed of rocky material, notably basalt. The view of the mountain varies, its width is from east to west and short from north to south, the height of this portion is about 25 meters to the northeast and 50 meters to the southwest, where the summit is. To the west of the foot is a tiny village. It also protects remarkable endemic plants and flowers. Up there it has panoramic views of much of the island and parts of Maio and São Nicolau.

Pico Santo António Boavista


4h duration

It starts from the small town of Rabil, where a brief briefing is given. In quad you take the dirt road that leads to the oldest town of Boavista, Povoação Velha, in which there is a small stop. After visiting the small village we leave to go to the beautiful beach of Santa Monica, driving inside paths surrounded by acacias, in a river bed, where the stop is about 30 minutes, just the time for a nice bath in the Cape Verde’s longest beach.

After having cooled off, we set off again along the beach to the caves of Varandinha, another marvelous beach, to take some photos and explore the natural cavities of the east part of the island. Last stop is the promontory of Morro de Areia, one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa, where the dunes dive into the ocean.

The excursion is also suitable for children, from 7 years. No special technical knowledge is required and the excursion ends where it started.

– Hotel Iberostar: 08:15 / 13:20
– Hotel Riu Touareg: 08:00 / 13:30
– Hotel New Horizon and Sal-Rei: 08:30 / 13:30
– Hotel Marine Club: 08:40 / 13:40
– Hotel Riu Karamboa, Palace and Chaves: 08:45 / 13:45

RETURN: Expected after about 5h

TRANSPORT INCLUDED: Pick-up or bus directly at the hotel or in the city. Further details will be provided after booking.

€70 single motorbike (1 person)
€85 double motorbike (2 people)
Payment on the spot, no upfront payment