Shops and shopping in Boavista

Shopping in the various stores in Boavista is easy and convenient. Salespeople can speak with most tourists in several languages. For those who want to buy souvenirs, it is good to consider some tips that we give here: in the small town of Sal-Rei, there are small shops and boutiques where you can use a credit card, but not all of them have POS yet (except for large stores where only local Bancomat is used). Therefore, we advise you to bring extra money for small purchases and exchange it after your arrival.

Virtually all stores accept Euro and Cape Verdean Escudos (ECV) in the same way, but paying in Euros will have a surcharge of around 10%, both in stores and in restaurants, since the exchange rate is 1 € = 110,265 ECV and traders tend to make € 1 = 100 ECV. Another tip is to explore more places and more shops and stalls to compare product prices, taking into account that most of the crafts sold locally are not from Cape Verde, but come from the coast of Africa (mainly from Senegal). Depending on the seller or the store, you can always get a discount on the products or some kind of souvenir.

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