Aldeia de Bofareira

Bofareira is a village located 10 km east of the city of Sal Rei, very small with less than 200 inhabitants, the way to get there is to amaze the eyes.

The feast of Our Lady of Peace, which takes place in the bofareira on August 3, is also to be seen, if it was celebrated for the first time in 2003, all other areas participate with the arrival of several people and help in the preparation of various dishes that every year they delight us like cachupa, capod stews, rice and feijoadas. Sports and socio-cultural activities are held annually at sporting level, the village receives great dynamics, in male and female futsal tournaments, games of the old glories, the square has become the place for dances, contemporary live music and traditional.

Still with traditional game championships such as Bisca and Ouril / Uril (Uril is one of the oldest board games in the world, belonging to the Mancala family of games. It is widespread throughout Africa, Asia and America and has numerous designations: Oware (Ghana), Wari (Mali), Awalé (Ivory Coast) or Warri (Caribbean) are some examples, believed to have been invented in Ancient Egypt, and to have more than a thousand years of existence and multiple variants (more than 300) Much practiced in cape verde, where most men are used to playing.

On a walk around Bofareira it is possible to visit the youth center installed there with internet and space for training, the social, cultural and sports club and the central square that invites us to a good rest. A small town, but where the visitor is not indifferent to the morbidity of the inhabitants.

Bofareira Boavista
Aldeia Bofareira



4 hours

On the road to the history and tradition of Boavista, the first stop is the terracotta factory of Rabil, the ancient Olarìa, where skilled artisans work the red earth by hand and create very nice statues. Leaving Rabil we turn towards the Viana desert, formed with the sands that the winds bring from Africa: you can slide down from the dunes and walk to “hear” the magical silence of this place. The tour continue on a road still made of cobblestones, towards the villages of the North: João Galego, Fundo das Figueiras and Cabeça dos Tarafes, very colorful, full of flowers and hospitable people.

From Cabeça the path take a black run, crossing a surreal landscape of volcanic stones, which leads to one of the highest points of Boavista: the Morro Negro lighthouse. Then go for a 10 minutes walk, where the view on the Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking. On the way back the path is the same, but by changing the direction and view, the emotions are also renewed.

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