Learn from nature project


The pedagogue Katia Regina (biologist) gave Infopress positive feedback after the children had visited the Projeto Tartaruga research field on the beach in Boa Esperança for the “Learning with nature” program.

The program started in the morning when the class agreed on a code of conduct for staying at the camp that included rules for playing on the beach, behavior around a sea turtle, and respect for the camp and work materials. The children were then divided into two groups: “grimace children” and “sea animals”.

Katia Regina d’Assunção encouraged participation in the “Learning with Nature” program and welcomed children from almost all communities in Boa Vista, with the exception of children from the Fundo de Figueiras and Cabeça de Tarafes who are participating this weekend.

During the day, children took part in educational games and received lessons on nesting and turtle survival. They then learned the process through a demonstration on site. According to Katia d´Assunção, the activities taught children about the natural and anthropogenic threats to sea turtles and about protective measures to protect them. They were also informed about the networking of ecosystems and how people depend on the environment for our existence.

In the afternoon, the Beach Detective activity took the kids to the beach to collect litter, make a list of the materials they collected, and analyze what should and shouldn’t be on the beach. According to Katya, this activity is said to “raise awareness of another problem, namely the waste and plastics that account for 3% of production in Boa Vista if not properly disposed of and end up at sea”.

To end the day, the children were brought to the beach by one of the field biologists to nest sea turtles to learn how the organization monitors the turtles and relocates nests.

In Boavista it is possible to visit turtle nests and watch spawning (from July to October). On this page you will find all information: Go to the excursion.