Fort Duque de Bragança

Fort Duque de Bragança is located on Djeu, the islet in front of Sal-Rei, a culminating point, 1.88 km wide and 0.88 km long, fronting the bay of the port of the town of Sal Rei, on the northwest coast of Boa Vista Island. The island was looted between 1815 and 1817, because of its importance to the export of salt, cotton, cattle, lime and ceramics, which led to the construction of the fort in 1820 to protect the island of Boa Vista from pirates and corsairs frequent in this region of the Atlantic Ocean.

But the fort did not hold out for long. Currently, in ruins, it has been an archaeological prospect of the University of Cambridge. Excavations of archaeological sites in the Fort Duque de Bragança started March 25, in partnership with the City Hall of Boa Vista.

Its rehabilitation fits in the National Plan of Rehabilitation of the Historical Buildings and Religious Studies by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, through the Institute of Cultural Heritage.

Some History: Returning to Boavista, Councilor Manuel António Martins, despite his efforts to capture the pirates and recover his daughter Maria, was unable to do anything. Therefore, he decided to have a fortress built on the islet in front of the city of Sal Rei at his own expense. The construction of this fortress was reported by Senna Barcellos as follows: “Martins himself also made the generous and patriotic offer to the government to build, at his own expense, a fortification on the island of Boavista, where he had a commercial house, capable of putting the port in conditions of safety and respect“.

Accepting the offer, with a royal letter dated October 3, 1818, instructions were sent to the commander of the island at that time, Colonel Aniceto António Ferreira, “to immediately begin the planned defense under his direction and disposition, for which the appropriate cannons taken from those existing on the island of São Tiago would be sent in due time, and which were to be garrisoned by a squad leader and ten soldiers from the artillery company of the city of Praia, who, together with some militia soldiers to be trained on Boavista, would be responsible for the regular service of that fortress.”

The fortress remained unnamed for a long time, until the Governor-General, Francisco de Paula Bastos, finally gave it the name “Duque de Bragança”. The name “Duque de Bragança” is probably linked to the role the Duke had played in the appointment of Manuel António Martins as Prefect of Cape Verde. In fact, it was the Duke, as regent of the kingdom, who thanked Martins when he congratulated Queen Maria da Glória on her acclamation, after the victory of the liberals against the absolutists, and it was the same Duke of Bragança who appointed Martins as Prefect of Cape Verde in 1832.

Taken from the historian António Germano Lima.



6,5 hours

The guide brings you from your accommodation to the port. On the first stop, you can fish – everyone can participate – whether professional or beginner. Together you catch the fish for lunch (please note that it is bottom fishing). You will be amazed how many different fish we bring out of the sea.

Afterwards, the cruise goes through the beautiful bay of Chaves. The boat reaches the small island “Ilheu de Sal Rei” (“Djeu”) and here there is enough time to snorkel or swim. There is snorkelling equipment on board for you like “Easybreath” full face masks, that offer the highest level of comfort and hygiene because there is no mouthpiece.

Then you cross over to the small island with a rubber dinghy. While you explore the old fort, the sailor prepares the food, grilling the fish you’ve caught before, with fresh homemade salad, rice and fresh bread. Drinks are included. On request, is possible to have meat (please let us know when booking).

(every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

– Riu Touareg*: 8.30h
– Bravo Praia Chave and Royal Horizon: 8.45h
– Riu Karamboa / Palace and Chaves: 9.00 am
– Sal Rei and Marine Club: 9.10 am

TRANSFER INCLUDED: The pickup will arrive directly at your accommodation. More details will be provided after booking.

€80 per adult (12+ years)
€55 children (4-11 years)
* From the Riu Touareg hotel, surcharge of €10 per person (max 4 people)


4 hours

The departure is scheduled from the beach of Sal-Rei, where you get on the RIB, an ocean-going boat. The tour heads for the dunes of Morro de Areia, and then stop for some time to relax in the sun and bathe in the waters of the bay. If the sea allows it, you can also circumnavigate the islet, from where you can admire the biodiversity of the island.

Next, the tour goes to the wonderful beach of the island of Djeu, a quiet beach, where you can play or swim in total relaxation while snorkeling, where you can admire the diversity of marine species.

A few steps from the beach, there is the old fort of the Duke of Bragança, a historical find that can be visited on foot where you can still see the cannons that were used to defend Boavista from pirate attacks. The excursion is ideal for children over 4 years old.

Morning: 10.00AM
Afternoon: 1.30PM

Pick-up or coach directly at the hotel or in the city (included in the price). Timetable and further details will be provided after booking. Normally the duration is about 4h.

€ 50 per adult (12+) / € 25 children (6-11 years)
* From the hotel RIU Touareg surcharge of 30 € for transport to/r (max 4 people).


4 hours

The guide pickup you in your accommodation to go onboard a traditional local boat, where you can catch your lunch, with bottom fishing technique. You can catch many kinds of fish, with the help of the fisherman onboard. Even if you can’t fish enough, the guide will bring you on the “Djeu”, the little island in front of Sal-Rei city, through the beautiful bay. The boat reaches the small beach and here you can do snorkeling or swim. There is snorkelling equipment on board.

Then you can take a little walk to the old fort, to have a visit to the cannons. Meanwhile, the guide prepares the grill, beers and soft drinks. On request, is possible to have different food, like salad or meat (please let us know when booking).

The sea condition inside the bay are always calm and safe. The excursion is perfect for children and 1st time practise of fishing.

Morning: 9.00AM
Afternoon: 2.00PM

TRANSFER INCLUDED: Pick-up or coach directly at the hotel or in the city (included in the price). Timetable and further details will be provided after booking. Normally the duration is about 4h.

€75 per adult (12+ years)
€45 children (4-11 years)
* From the hotel RIU Touareg surcharge of 40 € for transport to/r (max 4 people).


5 hours

Have you ever tried kayaking in the sea? This recommended excursion is suitable for adults and children and will allow you to experience the contact with the sea and nature while respecting the environment and safety! After a brief explanation, you will quickly master the kayak (1, 2, 3, or 4 seats) and experience a unique feeling of freedom and adventure!

The tour takes place in the Estoril Bay, with always calm and crystal-clear waters. In about 20 minutes, you will reach the islet of Djeu, with a visit to the Duke of Bragança’s fort, where the guide will take you on a fascinating journey through the history of Boavista. You can also go snorkeling directly from the beach with the equipment we provide!

Upon your return, the “Style Wind Club” awaits you with a delicious lunch where you will savor the typical and simple flavors of Cape Verdean cuisine: freshly caught grilled fish, a buffet with plenty of healthy food options such as chicken, rice, and vegetables to satisfy everyone’s tastes!

Only during the summer, every Tuesday and Friday.

DEPARTURE: The tour takes place from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. After booking, the guide will contact you to arrange transportation from your accommodation.

RETURN: Expected after lunch.

TRANSPORTATION INCLUDED: By car at the designated time.

LUNCH INCLUDED: Buffet with fish, rice, meat, and vegetables.

EXCURSION PRICE: €65 adults (12 years and older), €40 children (6-11 years)

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