Blu Marlin

In the heart of Sal Rei, the vibrant city square of Boavista, Cape Verde, lies the Blu Marlin restaurant, a small yet remarkable culinary gem that caters to both the local palate and international tastes. This quaint tavern, managed by Italian proprietors who double as skilled fishermen, brings a unique blend of local seafood and Italian culinary flair to the table. The restaurant’s charm lies in its simplicity and authenticity, offering a cozy atmosphere where every meal feels like a communal experience.

The Blu Marlin stands out for its fresh seafood, particularly its tuna and greenhouse, which are caught daily and served in abundant, flavorful dishes. The food here speaks of a deep understanding of both Italian cuisine and the bountiful local seafood. The pasta, for instance, is often asked to be served ‘al dente’, a true sign of the restaurant’s commitment to authentic Italian cooking, and the tuna main courses are highly praised for their freshness and taste.

However, the Blu Marlin is not just about food. It also serves as a convivial evening spot, where friends gather over beers and local delicacies like pudim de leite (milk pudding). The environment is welcoming, with staff noted for their friendliness and customer focus. The restaurant’s atmosphere is further enhanced by its unique decor, where the walls are adorned with countless signatures, creating a tapestry of memories from locals and tourists alike.

Despite its many positives, the Blu Marlin is not without its challenges. The restaurant’s small size, with only about four tables, necessitates advance reservations. It’s not uncommon for visitors, especially those without bookings, to face difficulties in securing a table. This aspect of exclusivity, while adding to the allure, can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction among guests who have high expectations based on the restaurant’s reputation.

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