Alisios Beach Club

Nestled on the stunning Estoril Beach, one of the most beautiful on Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde, the Alisios Beach Club is a picturesque destination that epitomizes the serene beauty and vibrant culture of the island. This Cape Verdean-owned establishment is not just a beach club but a culinary delight, offering a perfect blend of local and international cuisine. The club’s beachfront location provides a breathtaking view of the sea in the Sal-Rei bay, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day under the sun.

Visitors to Alisios Beach Club can look forward to enjoying a variety of dishes, including creatively prepared Cape Verdean specialties and the “dish of the day.” Reviews highlight the exceptional quality and presentation of the food, with special mentions of the seafood and cocktails. The beach club’s modern and clean environment, coupled with attentive and friendly staff, ensures a pleasant experience for all guests.

Adding to the allure of Alisios Beach Club is its convenient location next to the Wind Club BoaVista, a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts. With its sun loungers and umbrellas, guests can comfortably enjoy drinks and snacks right on the beach. The club also features an inviting terrace and indoor tables for those preferring a restaurant setting.

For music lovers, the club occasionally hosts live music events, creating an atmosphere filled with good vibes. In addition to its culinary offerings, the beach club is praised for its good value for money, especially compared to other similar establishments along the beach. It’s an ideal place for a day out at the beach, complete with good music at a reasonable volume, courtesy, and availability.

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