Tortuga Beach Resort

Nestled on the picturesque Estoril Beach in Sal Rei, Boa Vista, Cape Verde, Tortuga Beach Bar & Cafe presents a delightful escapade for food enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. This charming establishment, ranked among the top restaurants in Sal Rei, is more than just a dining spot; it’s a serene haven where the azure Atlantic meets culinary artistry.

As you approach Tortuga, the first thing that captures your senses is its strategic location. Positioned directly on the sandy shores, the restaurant offers a panoramic view of the ocean, making it an ideal spot to relish a meal while basking in the beauty of Boa Vista’s coastline. The atmosphere at Tortuga is one of its most lauded aspects – a perfect blend of coziness and elegance. The restaurant exudes a familial vibe, welcoming guests into its warm embrace, making it an inviting place for both a leisurely breakfast and a romantic dinner under the stars.

Tortuga’s menu is a testament to its commitment to quality and authenticity. Open from early morning until late evening, the kitchen serves an array of dishes that celebrate both local Cape Verdean cuisine and international flavors. Fresh seafood, a staple in Cape Verdean diet, is a highlight here. Daily catches from the Atlantic are transformed into mouth-watering dishes that tantalize the palate. From grilled fish to Italian-inspired pasta, the menu offers a diverse range of options. The traditional Cape Verdean dish, Cachupa, served every Saturday, is a must-try for those seeking an authentic taste of the island’s culinary heritage. Additionally, the restaurant’s barbecue, especially the barbecued chicken and ribs, has garnered acclaim, becoming a weekend highlight for both locals and tourists.

The ambiance of Tortuga is complemented by good music and a mood that encapsulates the essence of island life. The laid-back atmosphere, accentuated by the soothing sound of waves and gentle ocean breezes, makes it a perfect spot to unwind. Whether it’s sipping on a large Longdrink while watching the sunset or lounging on sunbeds with a book in hand, Tortuga offers an experience that is both relaxing and invigorating.

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