Bahia Beach Club

The Bahia Beach Club is a renowned beachfront restaurant and bar in Estoril, Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Nestled among the dunes, it offers a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a day of beachside relaxation. The restaurant is known for its quality cuisine, blending local dishes with an Italian twist, offering a variety of dishes such as pasta, carpaccio, various grilled fish options, and high-quality desserts. The seafood dishes and tartares are particularly praised, as well as the extensive selection of pasta. In addition to the food and drinks, Bahia Beach Club provides its guests with complimentary sunbeds available throughout the day.

Located on the bay of Sal Rei, just outside the city, Bahia is open year-round and every day for lunch. The restaurant also doubles as a beach lounge bar, serving cocktails, aperitifs, and soft music.

Furthermore, Bahia Beach Club’s location on Estoril Beach makes it an ideal starting point for water sports enthusiasts, including kiteboarding. The bay of Sal Rei is a true paradise for windsurfing, kiteboarding, wingfoiling, and surfing, thanks to the constant east/northeast winds that blow from November to May. The bay offers various wave zones for all skill levels, as well as calm and clear waters for beginners and freeriders.

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