Help For Boa Vista

Help for Boa Vista is a non-profit association that supports the most vulnerable people on the Cape Verde Islands, particularly on Boa Vista, with donations of goods/materials, non-perishable food, or money. The founders first visited Cape Verde in 2013, specifically Boa Vista, and saw that there were many people in need of help.

Between 2013 and 2017, they visited Boa Vista several more times and brought donations that were distributed in one of the island’s poorest villages. Subsequently, they brought a container with more donations, including supplies for schools and nurseries. In 2017, they founded this association with the intention of helping these impoverished individuals.

The majority of Boa Vista’s population is made up of migrants from other islands and the western coast of Africa. It’s an island with various deficiencies in terms of health, education, water, and energy. That’s why the Help for Boa Vista association supports families and children, schools, nurseries, and hospitals, in collaboration with local residents.

Completed Projects

The expansion of Escola Nova de Sal Rei is urgently needed. We want to help and build at least one classroom. The construction of a classroom costs about 6,000 euros. In September, over 250 children go to school in Boa Vista. Each child needs basic equipment. The costs for this amount to about 40 euros.

1st Phase of Escola Nova Construction – 22/09/2019

After four weeks of construction, the two classrooms were fully equipped with new school furniture. The next day (23.09.19), school resumes for everyone. The children will find two new classrooms.

2nd Phase of Escola Nova Construction

The 2nd phase of Escola Nova construction in Sal Rei started on December 14, 2019, with hopes that the work can be completed soon. Three new rooms should be created at a cost of around 56,100 euros. “We continue to collect donations for this, and we already have a considerable amount together. Thanks to all the donors for this.”

New Projects

Other projects realized this year include the third container with all donations distributed in April 2020 to the new school in Sal Rei. Another project is a computer room; this project will enhance teaching dynamics in its various aspects, promote students’ interest in general knowledge, and highlight the importance of technologies for individual and collective development. This project also aims to foster the development of students and teachers at Escola Nova by providing training in digital technologies, digital tools, and online resources, offering them relevant and necessary knowledge.

At Escola Nova school, training in electronic data processing (EDP) and digital media areas should be offered through the establishment of an EDP training room. To achieve this, 15 computers need to be purchased and workstations set up. Additionally, the computer network with internet access needs to be established along with electrical infrastructure. It’s reported that computers, monitors, and other materials have been purchased from companies in Cape Verde. Local businesses in Boa Vista will install the school. The costs for this are about 14,200 euros.


Escola Nova has various nationalities and, consequently, a very rich multiculturalism. In this challenging phase of basic education, the use of digital technologies is an essential tool for comprehensive student education and all teaching cycles.


Now we have another ambitious project: a used and fully equipped ambulance for the Sal Rei hospital. The only ambulance that ever existed has seen better days.

The costs for this are about 15,900 euros excluding transportation to the island.

What You Can Do

We need your support in the form of in-kind donations, such as baby, children, and youth clothing, sneakers, school supplies, bags, backpacks, pens, toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, scooters, bicycles, hygiene items, brushes, toothpaste, liquid soap, wheelchairs for children, wheelchairs for adults, and more.

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