Associations and NGOs in Boavista

Although Boavista is a tourist island in full economic development, the charity of the private associations still very much helps those aspects related to the poorest population, who still struggle to support themselves only thanks to tourism. Above all, schools, kindergartens and NGOs working in contact with turtles and whales need continuous external assistance.

This page summarizes some of the associations and NGOs that work daily on the island. If you want to help them, they will tell you what you need most at the moment. All the entities reported here have been operating for years in the territory and therefore very controlled. An incoming hand is always welcome.

Help For Boa Vista

Help for Boa Vista is a non-profit association that supports the most needy people in the Cape Verde Islands

Nerina Association

Association for the care and protection of dogs and cats

Bios Cape Verde

BIOS.CV is composed of national and international nature conservation professionals.

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