Boavista Ultramarathon

Ultramarathon is for the few. The term is used to identify foot races, which have a distance of more than 42,195 metres, which is the official distance of a marathon. The sport has no specific rules. Each one determines its own distance and the most common ones in the world are 50 km and 100 km.

Every year the island of Boavista hosts this great event. The ultramarathon on the island usually brings together athletes from several countries, mainly from the European continent. The “Boavista Marathon Club” is the entity responsible for the preparation of this event on the island and is led by the Italian Pier Scaramelli who was also the coach responsible for preparing the national team for competitions abroad.

Ultramaratona Boa Vista
Ultramaratona Boa Vista
Ultramaratona Boa Vista

The island is a scene of marathons every year, the ultramarathon goes from crystalline beaches to the desert crossing the vast plains in a mild and arid climate from a small paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ultramarathon : Challenges

The best known and most difficult ultramarathon in Boavista is the 150 km that has a duration of 40 hours and 15 checkpoints, having as record the athlete Ivan Zufferli, born in Friuli – Venice, Italy, with a time of 18h12min.

In the island, there are also other types of sport such as the 75 km race known as “Salt Marathon”, which lasts 16 hours with 7 checkpoints and the 42 km race known as “Eco Marathon”, which lasts 10 hours and has 5 checkpoints. Below you can see an example of the route of one of the 150 km ultramarathon in the island.

According to marathon runners, to take part in an ultramarathon, one needs extensive experience in street racing and hiking, balanced diet, medical examinations on time and always with the guidance of professionals. Taking part in adventures like these shows us what it is like to live intensely, as long as this is done with responsibility and following the guidance of health professionals.

Discipline in training and daily habits, combined with respect for the limits of your body, is what makes ultramarathonists seem “super”, even under the stress of a hard test.

If you want to take part in the next Boavista Ultramarathon, click on the link below to register and find out more about marathons and ultramarathons on the island.

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