Seixal is a Portuguese city located in the district of Setúbal and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, with about 30,000 inhabitants.

The name “Seixal” comes from the Portuguese word “seixo,” as the region near the river is full of small rock fragments shaped by water, visible when the tide is low.

It was in Seixal that the brothers Vasco and Paulo da Gama built the vessels for their journey to India. While Vasco da Gama was in Lisbon preparing for the voyage, Paulo da Gama oversaw the shipbuilders and caulkers in the construction of the ships. Estêvão da Gama, the navigators’ father, was a commander in Seixal. Portugal’s tourism portal

seixal portugal
seixal portugal
seixal portugal

A flat city that encourages cycling tourism, Seixal has a cycle path along the bay connecting the cities of Amora and Seixal, passing through the localities of Cavaquinhas, Arrentela, Torre da Marinha, and Correr de Água.

The place where Vasco da Gama and Paulo da Gama built their maritime fleet to travel to India, it boasts numerous manor estates, with rich heritage as evidence of that era (Quinta da Fidalga, Quinta do Álamo, Quinta da Trindade, Quinta de São Pedro, Quinta de Cheiraventos, etc.).

The Parishes of Seixal

The municipality of Seixal is divided into 4 parishes:

  • Amora
  • Corroios
  • Fernão Ferro
  • Seixal, Arrentela, and Aldeia de Paio Pires


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