Perola de Chaves

Perola de Chave, a hidden gem nestled on the beautiful Chaves Beach in Boavista, Cape Verde, offers an exceptional dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. This charming beachside eatery has won the hearts of locals and travellers alike with its delectable blend of local cuisine, seafood, Mediterranean fare, and tantalizing barbecue​​.

Perola de Chave welcomes you into a world of culinary delights, where every dish is crafted with passion and finesse​​. The menu caters to a range of dietary preferences, with options for vegetarians and vegans alike, offering a versatile selection for lunch, dinner, and brunch​​.

Soak in the sublime beach views while savouring the restaurant’s highly rated food, all while enjoying friendly service that goes the extra mile​​. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail or a homemade ice cream described as a creamy cold mousse, Perola de Chave has got you covered​​.

Embrace the vibrant atmosphere of the locale, amplified by live music and the gentle lapping of the ocean against the shore. The restaurant’s thoughtful decor and ambiance reflect a deep appreciation for its surroundings, immersing you in the essence of Boavista’s charm​​.

Perola de Chave is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where you can feel at home, whether you’re travelling alone or in a group. Its welcoming staff and safe, friendly environment make it an ideal spot for solo travellers. Plus, it accepts credit cards, adding convenience to your dining experience​​.

Evenings at Perola de Chave bring a unique charm with themed nights and delightful beach barbecues. The BBQ night, in particular, is a hit, complete with a return minibus service from Riu Karamboa and a cozy fire to gather around as the night grows cooler​​.

Perola de Chave is an unforgettable blend of delectable cuisine, warm hospitality, and breathtaking views, offering a slice of paradise on the shores of Boavista, Cape Verde. Step into Perola de Chave and let the magic of this beachside oasis whisk you away on a culinary adventure you won’t soon forget.

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