Live a day as a local

The traditions of Boa Vista are closely tied to the land and the animals that inhabit it. The island is a living mosaic of ancestral customs that reflect the harmony between man and nature, and the farming practices are a shining example of this.

The farmers of Boa Vista are custodians of a rich and authentic cultural heritage. Whether it’s goats, pigs, donkeys, or chickens, farming is not just a source of sustenance but a true art, passed down from generation to generation. Each animal has a specific role within the community and represents a precious connection to the island’s past.

Goats are raised primarily for milk and cheese, products that are an integral part of the local diet. Pig farmers contribute to the preparation of a wide range of sausages and meats, essential in celebrations and traditional festivals. Donkeys, faithful work companions, are often used in transport, while chickens are valued for their eggs and meat.

These farming practices are not only a testament to the ingenuity and adaptability of the inhabitants of Boa Vista; they are a thread that connects the present to the history and culture of the island. Adhering to these ancient methods means respecting a delicate balance with the land and the animals, a balance that is essential for the sustainability of the entire community.

For those visiting Boa Vista, understanding these traditions is a way to get closer to the soul of the island and the values that guide it. You will discover the unique opportunity to live a day as a true Kabrer, a proud legacy that resonates in every corner of Boa Vista. A hike like no other awaits you, a journey through the life, culture, and traditions of the farmers of Boa Vista.

Tips for the tour

– Wear comfortable and sturdy clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.
– Boa Vista can be very sunny, so make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays.
– Although there may be the opportunity to purchase food and drinks, it’s always a good idea to bring water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized during the hike.
– Remember to be respectful and ask permission before photographing people and their properties. Approach the experience with an open mind and a positive attitude.
– Show respect for the local traditions and customs, and follow the guide’s instructions. If you are not used to interacting with animals such as goats, pigs, donkeys, and chickens, prepare for a new and exciting experience, following the guide’s instructions on how to treat the animals safely and respectfully.


4 hours

Immerse yourself for a day in the heart of Boa Vista’s local life. This is not just a tour, but a journey to become a Kabrer – an exclusive name in Boa Vista used to call goat breeders and local farmers.

The guide will pick you up from your accommodation or hotel in Sal-Rei and take you to the heart of the island’s rural life. You will have the opportunity to visit the village of Cabeça dos Tarafes and a local farm, you can feed some animals, see how goat’s milk is produced and how goat cheese is made. This experience will allow you to better understand how the breeders of Boa Vista live.

You will walk through green fields, breathing the fresh air and admiring the unique landscape. Later, you will visit the goat barn, where you can see up close how they live and feed. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the goats, feed them, and even learn how to milk.

Along the way, you will learn the history of the farm, as well as the agricultural techniques used in the region. You will visit cultivated fields and have the chance to see how crops are grown and harvested. Also, you will learn about local farming traditions and how these influence daily life.

Available every day, all year round.

TRANSPORT: Transport is included in the price from all hotels and from Sal-Rei. From the Riu Touareg hotel, due to the distance, an extra charge of 50€ (2-4 people) is expected. The local guide will contact you after booking for further details.

DURATION: The excursion lasts about 4 hours.

PRICE: 45€ adults (+12 years), 25€ children (3-11 years). Free up to 2 years.

Why try the Kabrer experience?
The Kabrer experience offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with the local traditions and culture of Boa Vista, promoting understanding and respect for a sustainable and harmonious lifestyle with nature.