Lojas e shopping

Shopping in Boavista’s various stores is easy and convenient. Sellers can chat with most tourists of all languages. We must remember some things and provide advice for those who want to buy souvenirs: inside the villages there are small shops and boutiques where you can use your credit card, but not all shops still have the POS (except for large stores where only the local Bancomat is used). Therefore, we advise you to bring extra cash for small purchases and change it upon your arrival. Almost all shops accept Euro and Cape Verde Escudos in the same way, but paying in Euros will have a surcharge of about 10%, both in shops and in restaurants, since the exchange rate is 1: 110.265 and merchants tend to make 1: 100. Finally, it is advisable to shop shopping for more shops and more tents to understand the true price of objects, knowing that much local crafts are not from Cape Verde but come from the African continent (mainly Senegal). Treat the price only allowed with small sellers where prices are not exposed. For large purchases, you can send with local post offices.

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