Twinning with Boavista

In the heart of the Atlantic, Boavista is a paradisiacal corner of Cape Verde, a destination that is becoming increasingly popular on an international scale. An important part of this growth is linked to the twinning agreements that have been developed to enhance collaboration and understanding between different cultures and populations.

Twinning offers a remarkable opportunity for growth for Boavista, providing a platform for cultural, economic, and social exchange. These agreements enable the enrichment of the tourist experience, valorising local traditions and promoting innovation.

Each twinning is a bridge that connects Boavista to the outside world, giving rise to collaborations in various sectors such as education, art, trade, and sport. The sharing of resources and knowledge can lead to improvements in infrastructure, education, and the quality of life for local inhabitants.

This is not only an advantage for the local community but also for visitors, who can discover a unique and vibrant culture, enriched by interaction with other societies. Sustainable tourism, infused with the sense of sharing and understanding promoted by twinning, has become a strength for Boavista.

Furthermore, twinning agreements can encourage foreign investment and entrepreneurial innovation. They create new opportunities for local businesses to collaborate with international partners, opening new markets and stimulating economic growth in many key sectors.

Through this network of connections, Boavista is not only a magnificent place to visit but also a shining example of how international collaboration can enrich a community.

Cabeceiras de Basto

Cabeceiras de Basto, Portugal – 2009


Seixal, Portugal – 1990

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