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Cape Verde is an archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean, emerging as one of the most intriguing growing economies in West Africa. Located off the coast of West Africa, this country consists of ten islands, of which Boavista is one of the most renowned and captivating.

The economy of Cape Verde is a unique blend of traditional and new sectors, contributing to the nation’s growth and sustainable development. Tourism is one of the economic cornerstones of the archipelago, and Boavista has become a prominent tourist destination, owing to its enchanting beaches and rich local culture.

But beyond tourism, there are other macroeconomic aspects that deserve to be explored. Agriculture and fishing remain vital to the local economy, and technological innovation is creating new opportunities in the service sector.

Cape Verde’s economic indicators display a positive trend in various sectors. GDP per capita is on the rise, and inflation has been kept under control, reflecting solid and responsible economic management. The country has also made significant strides in reducing poverty and increasing employment, particularly among the youth.

Boavista, in particular, is a shining example of how an island can transform into an economic hub. The growth of tourism has brought investment in infrastructure and has stimulated other sectors, such as construction and retail trade.

Education and training are at the heart of Cape Verde’s development efforts. Investing in the skills of the population is creating a qualified workforce capable of competing globally.

Free trade policies and openness to foreign investment are helping to make Cape Verde an attractive place for international investors. The government is promoting a business-friendly environment, with clear regulations and a competitive tax system.

Cape Verde, and particularly Boavista, are becoming examples of how a small country can transform and thrive in a globalised world. With a combination of natural resources, innovation, and wise economic management, the future looks bright for this fascinating archipelago. Anyone interested in understanding the country’s economic workings will find a success story in the making, worthy of attention and consideration.







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