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Welcome to the official website of the island of BOA VISTA, CAPE VERDE where you can find all possible tourist information, to make your vacation the best possible and enjoyable on this fantastic island in the Cape Verde Archipelago. And not only, but here you can also learn more about the archipelago and its most “wild” island.

Explore the beautiful landscapes, enjoy the calm and tranquility of Boavista’s climate. Navigate through the “island” section and choose the places where you want to visit according to the list of places that have been carefully selected for you.

Don’t you know where to stay? Do you prefer a hotel complex, a resort or an apartment? Choose the option of stay that best suits you in the “accommodation” section and enjoy the most comfortable and luxurious accommodations on the island.

The various activities listed in the “What to Do” section, will make your stay on the island as pleasant and fun as possible, in the most diverse areas such as gastronomy, shopping, handicrafts and souvenirs, excursions and many others. Exploring the island and being on top of all the events and activities on the official calendar, are also part of this section.
If you want to check flight availability, information about local public transport or car rental, just a simple “click” in the “transport” section for more references.


28° Humidity:83% Clouds:75% Wind (NE):17kph broken clouds
Tuesday 28°C

When consulting the services provided, you will have all the necessary information for a longer stay, if you decide to. The local population also has a big heart: in the associations section, you can find humanitarian initiatives and projects for the protection of various species of animals which roam the island, especially sea turtles.

Bearing in mind that the island of Boavista is under development, there is a section on the website that helps you search for some investment sector in the most diverse areas on the island or in the Cape Verde archipelago, which can be unique opportunities to start or have a new business. Do you want to buy a house, invest in real estate or tourism? These are some of the different sectors in which you can start an investment project. Find out more about investment opportunities in Cape Verde by visiting the page “invest”.

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