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Welcome on the official portal of the island of BOA VISTA, CAPE VERDE! Here you will find all the tourist information to spend a pleasant holiday in Boavista, but also to find out more about the archipelago of Cape Verde and its wildest island.
Explore the beautiful scenery, enjoy the climate of Boavista, browse through the “island” section to choose what to see according to a carefully selected list.
Choose the type of stay suitable for you in the “accommodation” section: do you prefer a resort, a hotel or an apartment?
You can choose the activities available during your holiday in the “what to do” section, decide where to eat, places to visit, where to find local crafts for shopping and the excursions to explore much of Boavista. Here are also listed all events and appointments of the official agenda.
To move, simply choose a service to check available flights, internal transport and rentals in “transport” section.
By consulting the services you have at your fingertips the information necessary for a longer stay or for emergency contacts. Boavista also has a big heart: in the part of the associations you find humanitarian initiatives and projects for the protection of animals.
To stay up to date, check the news below and follow the Official Facebook page.
Finally, a part dedicated to investments on the island of Boavista and the archipelago of Cape Verde, which meets the needs of those who want to buy a house, who wants to sell and for those who want to know the business opportunities in this African paradise.

Sal Rei, Cape Verde
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