Whales in the Boavista waters

The new season off the whale reproduction in Cabo verde is coming, to give unique moments to the biologist and the tourist who come to watch it.

In Boavista is possible to watch up close the whales:Groups of jubarte-whales from North Atlantic come to cabo verde to give birth, making here like a daycare for that period of days, where the baby whales can be seen alongside their mother, normally on the spring of march to may. But the season can change  according the weather on the winter .

the Jubarte whale, scientifically called Megaptera novaeangliae, chose the cape verdean waters for reproduction, after spend the feeding period on iceland and the north sea on Norway. Along the way they pass by Açores Portugal archipelago. until now Boavista waters has been the favorite for this cetaceos, but we can see also some sightings on the Maio island, last year also on the santiago island.

the whale watching on the boat along the Boavista coast( on board off an elegant sailboat) takes 3 hours and the possibility to see the whales in that period is very high. the whale sighting on Cabo verde is frequent, but it seems to favor Boavista due the currents who transport their favorite food: the Krill(plâncton). Over the years, their number is increased, sign that Boavista is a favorable environment for them.

The observation of the whales is a contribution to mentalize the visitors about the protection of this fascinating creatures. Is a very pleasant activity, without danger, that empowers adults and children’s, because it allows a total immersion in the nature with all the safety.

 BiosCV Is an non governmental organization of Cabo verde who’s the objective is the conservation, the study and the protection of the environment,the sustainable develop off the local communities, as well as educational and cultural initiatives about the nature and culture off Cabo verde.

To book a tour or ask for any information, you can go to:WHALE WATCHING BOAVISTA