The village of Povoação Velha

The Village Of Povoação Velha

Being part of a small list of moments and points of charm to visit on the island of the dunes, we find at the foot of the mountain known as Rocha Estancia, the village of Povoação Velha, which was once the capital of the island until 1810. For the elders this is where the story of Boa Vista was born. The first locality to be settled.

Its proximity to the beaches of Varandinha and Santa Monica, the latter considered one of the best and most beautiful in the country, makes this town an obligatory stop for tourists looking for deserted beaches, with fabulous, crystal clear, hot water. From there it is also possible to visit the Santo António Chapel dating back to 1800 and the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church.

In order to increase tourism and have more resources for tourist attraction, the atelier of the arts was born in the village, where the production of genuine craftsmanship is their motto, where you can find anything from straw hats, woven goods and basketwork, to pottery, and all made with local and recycled materials.