Fort Duque de Bragança

The strong Duke of Bragança

Fort Duque de Bragança is located in the isle of Sal Rei, A culminating point, 1.88 km wide and 0.88 km long, fronting the bay of the port of the town of Sal Rei, on the northwest coast of Boa Vista Island. The island was looted between 1815 and 1817, because of it’s importance to the export of salt, cotton, cattle, lime and ceramics, which led to the construction of the fort in 1820 to protect the island of Boa Vista from pirates and corsairs frequent in this region of the Atlantic Ocean.

But the fort did not hold out for long. Currently in ruins, it has been an archaeological prospect of the University of Cambridge. Excavations of archaeological sites in the Forte Duque de Bragança started March 25, in partnership with the City Hall of Boa Vista.

Its rehabilitation fits in the National Plan of Rehabilitation of the Historical Buildings and Religious Studies by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, through the Institute of Cultural Heritage.