Renting a vehicle in Boavista is a practical solution for getting around the island in total autonomy. The road connecting Sal-Rei to the airport is paved, as is the north-south ridge to Lacacao, but most of the paths leading to the beaches and other towns are made of stone, dirt or sand. Therefore, to get around it is advisable to book an excursion or rent a motorized vehicle.

The options proposed here are certified by the Municipality of Boavista, with regular license and insurance. Driving licenses of European countries are valid, always if accompanied by an identity document (passport). It is advisable to be very cautious when driving, especially at night, as it is not uncommon to meet free animals such as donkeys and goats along the roads of the island.

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– Whichever vehicle you rent, use great caution: it’s easy to puncture a tire or go off-road if you don’t pay attention to the route.
– If you go alone, tell someone what tour you want to do. In some places, it is possible to get stuck in the sand, so if someone knows where you are headed it will be easier to find you.
– Be careful to rent from those who do not show a regular license or insurance.
– Many routes are used twice a day by the most common excursions. Do not venture off the trails (at least not the first time in Boavista).
– The reflection of the sun on the sand is like on the snow: bring sunglasses, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a hat.
– The only two gas stations are located at the entrance to Sal-Rei.

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electric vehicle

Electric scooters are ideal for getting around in a green way and without the need for a driving license. They have a range of about 120km and carry 2 people, at a speed limited to 40km/h. Equipped with automatic transmission, they are agile on sand, clay and asphalt roads.

The minimum age to drive is 14, and children under 7 are not recommended. The helmet is not mandatory but is provided for safety nonetheless. The 2 removable batteries supplied can be charged from a normal 220V socket (available on the island), directly in the room. If you rent the vehicle for more than 24 hours, it is also possible to change the batteries directly from the renter.

Included are insurance and medical bills for driver and passenger, as well as a USB socket to charge the phone and a smartphone holder (which can be used as a GPS).

Available every day

9.00 AM, in Sal-Rei. The renter will contact you after booking for delivery.

RETURN: the service lasts 24 hours for each rental day. In case of delay, the fee of one more day will be applied. It is not necessary to return the vehicle with charged batteries.

30€ per day (50€ deposit)