New Alcohol Law – IGAE clarifications

A new alcohol law took effect last Friday, October 4, but much of the public are in doubt or confused with the applicability of the new law. Of the many questions raised, what stands out is, if it would be prohibited to sell alcohol in bars, restaurants, grocery stores and bars with tables outside on public roads.

The General Inspectorate of Economic Activities (IGAE) has been gradually clarifying some restrictions of the new alcohol law. It has been clarified that all bars and restaurants can market alcoholic beverages except for sale to minors under the age of 18. Regarding the bars that have tables on public streets, the establishment must have a reserved area that will be inspected to ensure it complies with the law. The IGAE also clarifies that grocery stores  can continue to market alcoholic beverages, but there can be no consumption of alcohol within the space. Another cause for concern is the sale of alcoholic beverages at festivals. The IGAE states that there may be alcohol sold at these events, but within a space that is intended for this purpose.