Goat Cheese from Boa Vista island

From the archipelago’s discovery, Boa Vista Island was used to raise livestock, especially goats, whose meat and skins supplied ships transporting slaves to Brazil and were products of trade with Europe.
The island had no agricultural production other than cotton. The corn and beans for the sustenance of the population came from Santiago. To improve the economy of the island, goat’s milk was used for the artisanal production of cheese.
Goat cheese is a cheese made from raw milk with which rennet is added and left for 48 hours at a temperature sufficient to curdle. After draining, the cheese can be tasted fresh.
It can also be dried outdoors for 72 hours or more. In Cape Verdean kitchen the cheese is served for breakfast as a source of protein, in dessert, in slices accompanied with papaya, marmalade or guava jam, or in the form of cheese pudding, a specialty of Cape Verde kitchen