From instructor to champion: the story of Wesley Brito

The documentary “WES SIDE” tells the remarkable journey of Wesley Brito, who rose from a humble kite and Wing Foiling instructor in Cape Verde to winning the 2023 GWA Wave World Championship.

Wesley’s story is marked by his extraordinary determination and deep passion for his sport, with essential support from teammates Jerome Cloetens, Matchu Lopez, and the entire Duotone team. These individuals played a crucial role in turning his dreams into reality through perseverance.

Directed and produced by Tiago Azzi, the documentary showcases how ambition and resilience can drive people to push beyond their limits.

Wesley Brito’s journey from a modest instructor in Cape Verde to a world champion in 2023 is a tale of relentless dedication and unconditional passion. His story took a significant turn in 2021 during a trip to Brazil, where he met Tiago Azzi, who immediately recognized Wesley’s potential. Wesley had to overcome numerous challenges, including financial difficulties, lack of family support, and bureaucratic hurdles.

Matchu Lopez, a Duotone Kiteboarding athlete and long-time friend, recalls meeting Wesley when he was just 15 years old. Their bond strengthened over time, with Matchu acting as a mentor and lending him the necessary equipment to refine his skills. Wesley’s determination and talent led him to win the world championship, fulfilling a dream for both him and Cape Verde despite the financial and bureaucratic barriers he faced.

Jerome Cloetens, a teammate in Duotone Wing Foiling and friend, remembers introducing Wesley to Matchu Lopez during a trip to Cape Verde in 2021. They shared intense foiling sessions that highlighted Wesley’s natural talent. Jerome made a bet with Wesley: if he could perform a backflip, he could keep the equipment. Wesley won the bet, an event that motivated Jerome and Matchu to further support him, including securing a sponsorship with Duotone. The logistical challenges of organizing equipment and launching Wesley’s international career were daunting, but constant support and faith in his potential led to extraordinary results, celebrating a collective victory for everyone who believed in him.