Cabo Cafè

Cabo Cafè is not only a place, but an intertwining of cultures, ideas, colors, scents and flavors. With a little imagination and a lot of work we recycled materials found on the street, or on the beach, brought from the sea, for some now worthless.

This is to try to offer you in a modern key that simple, sometimes poor, but always dignified spirit that often characterizes this land. The food is also traditional, but like the rest it is revisited.

We allowed ourselves to dust it with a little of our imagination and culture. We hope you enjoy everything. A warm thank you to the people of Cape Verde

Antonio and Denisa

Typical Cape Verdean house entirely original but revisited with ingenuity and a lot of passion, using ecological materials sometimes unused, but which are reborn as unique pieces. The welcoming atmosphere, the soft lights, the panoramic view mixed with an excellent selection of music and spirits, will make your meal a multi-sensory experience where taste-smell-sight and hearing will be tickled during the entire stay.

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