The expansion of Escola Nova – Help For Boa Vista

The Help For Boa Vista association, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, has just completed another project at Escola Nova in the capital of Sal Rei.

The expansion of Escola Nova is a necessity, as there is a lack of classrooms. The Help for Boa Vista association supported the building of two more classrooms to accommodate students and teachers. The cost of the first phase of interior expansion is approximately 26,822 euros, towards which the association committed to donate 50% of the construction costs to the Ministry of Education. The expansion process’ phase 2 is scheduled for December with the prospect of building 3 more classrooms that will be 100% funded by the association Help For Boa Vista.

To complete the project, the Help for Boa Vista association gave a container of furniture and school supplies. It delivered 272 school kits to first graders and nursery school graduates.

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