Welcome to Tortuga Beach !!!
We are of the 1997 reference for all those who come to boavista in search of a relaxing vacation, sea, beach and good food! In all these years we have tried to improve ourselves constantly in order to satisfy and sometimes anticipate the needs of our clients.
The beach, protected by the island of the Salt-King, called Djeù, is cleaned daily to allow you and your children to piaciere full of sand between your toes. The halls, the guests of the restaurant are the most you can ask for better relax by the beach.
In winter, a team of local and European instructors will be on hand to teach you all the tricks of windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing and lifting the paddle board.
Throughout the year, qualified instructors will take you to discover all the wonders hidden in the depths of Boa Vista in wonderful funny boat trips where you can snorkel and dive safely.
… And then … Fish, seafood and fish! Our kitchen is open from 11.30 to 17.00 continuously producing everything nice and cool the rich Atlantic that surrounds us gives us every day! Grilled, raw vegetables, marinades and Italian pastry, not forgetting mollusks, crustaceans and mollusks … But not only … We are famous for the problems that create surfers … Not being able to stay in the sea for the perfume of our chickens and grilled ribs !!!
We are also available for parties and special occasions: do not hesitate to contact us with the order menus, even at night!

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