The pottery of the island of Boa Vista

The island of the dunes, is also known as the land of pottery. The ancestral technique of transforming traditional clay into useful products is still preserved.

Built in 1960, the Rabil Pottery School is a workshop where craftsmen work so delicately to mold pottery in the old fashioned way. This ancestral technique, from the preparation of the raw material to the finished product, attracts the attention of locals and tourists alike.

There are few artisans who preserve this technique, producing utensils such as pots, small turtles, and other objects. But the most interesting thing is that these pieces are adjusted, refined and smoothed manually. Then they are exposed to the sun to dry and taken to the oven, an antique cauldron that has since been adapted to gas.

The school produces custom ordered products to suit the taste of customers, so be sure to visit this space, where you can still see and appreciate the artisanal manufacturing of old fashioned artwork.