The most common water sports in Cape Verde, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, were introduced at the time of independence, initially on the island of São Vicente. After the end of the 20th century, this type of sport was gaining other islands namely Sal and Boavista which has a lot of sand and dunes with its kind of desert landscape. Initially, most of the practitioners of these sports were tourists. Its popularity has been gaining in recent years on both eastern islands, mainly by tourists. It made Sal and Boavista the common place of kite and windsurfing in the country.

kite surf boavista

Other sports activities such as Sport Fishing, Stand-up paddle, Diving and others have been introduced progressively over the years with the expansion and growth of the tourism sector on the islands.


It is a sport without limits, providing incredible sensations that will definitely make your stay on the island more fun. It is a sport accessible to all, both beginners and professionals, and you will find all the necessary equipment, both for learning in schools and for renting and enjoying a moment alone with the sea.

Professional or amateur? If you only need one piece of equipment, the island offers everything you need. If you want to venture out to sea for the first time, you can contact certified schools on the island that will be happy to give lessons for you.

There are really amazing waves in Cape Verde, that’s why you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. Look below for information on windsurfing schools in Boavista and choose one according to the activities you like the most. Start windsurfing!

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Boavista is different from most other kitesurfing spots in the world. It’s the best island for kitesurfing, this is because first of all the island has many white sand beaches and a great variety of kitesurfing spots.

Secondly, it is not only perfect for beginners, but also the island offers great conditions for experienced kitesurfers.

Boavista’s kitesurfing conditions are almost perfect. Lots of sunshine and a comfortable temperature with an average of 25º, small and high waves and a constant wind of 16 to 22 knots during the kite season between November and May.However, this makes Boavista the perfect place to be and is the reason why many kitesurfers come here during the kite season.


Have you ever wondered if you can kite? If so, there’s incredible news for you. On this page you can find information you need to take your first steps in learning this sport. The schools available on Boavista Island are equipped with modern equipment for classes and to prepare you for this incredible experience.

Kitesurfing is a very popular activity on our beautiful island. Here you will be able to meet several people practicing this sport that will certainly help you in this practice. It’s good to meet new people and make new friends and companions. If you are a professional or have a lot of experience, you can rent professional equipment.



Surfing is a sport well known worldwide for the acrobatics performed by the enthusiasts of this sport, ripping the waves with their boards in a masterly way, exhibiting unique skills that make the observers enchant and glimpse with these skillful movements under the water.

In Cape Verde this sport is also practiced by several enthusiasts and tourists who come here to marvel at the weather and waters, especially the waves and winds that are very good for water and nautical sports, but although on the island of Boavista, these sports are practiced by several people, it happens that the waves the offshore winds of the island do not help to keep the waves open for a long time, but this will not prevent you from experiencing quite pleasurable.


Stand-up Paddle

SUP, or stand-up paddle, consists of rowing standing or kneeling on a board along the islet of Sal-Rei. A very fun way to explore the islet coast. It’s an impressive sport that will certainly make you feel a lot of adrenaline.

SUP tours are one of many ways to explore the slopes of the island. It is a very popular water sport because it is very easy to learn.

After a brief instruction on the beach, you will be ready to enter the water with your boards. It does not require any kind of previous experience in any kind of sport. The tour lasts about 3 hours with breaks at the beaches, caves or other points of interest.


Why do Stand-up Paddle? Besides exploring the clean waters of the slopes, wanting to take a swim or even snorkeling to observe the variety of colorful fish on the reefs, you can discover the coast from a unique perspective. The trip ends at “Ilhéu” beach, where you can visit the Duke of Bragança’s Fort, with a magnificent view of the bay of keys and the city of Sal Rei.