In Boavista, several marathon, half-marathon and ultra-marathon editions are held. These activities usually gather athletes from all the islands of the archipelago and international athletes. There are also annual road races with the main route, Rabil – Sal-Rei. The route is about 10 km long and the winner will have a prize at the end. At Easter, there are usually races in preparation for the national athletics championship, with athletes participating in the long racing classes as well as 100 and 200 meters and all kinds of races.


The Boavista Regional Athletics Association is headed by Rui Lima and according to him, these activities, usually have many registrations and therefore, make qualifiers, selecting the best qualified with less time.

Every year the island is included in several sports and competitions such as: racing (regatta), swimming, horse and donkey racing, marathon and several other sports such as basketball, handball, beach volleyball for boys and girls, athletics, ring games, shot, bisca (card game), uril and dame, are part of the calendar. All these activities take place as part of the Santa Isabel Municipality celebration on July 4th.