Cape Verde is considered one of the best spots in the world by sport fishing lovers. Boavista Island stands out as one of the best in Cape Verde in the practice of the sport with fish that can reach hundreds of kilos, which makes the island a beautiful tourist destination in this practice, attracting sportsmen and women from all over the world, especially people who travel thousands of miles to fish the marlin.

Most boats are well equipped with fish locators and the captains respect the laws that allow larger fish to be returned to their natural habitat.

Drinking water is provided on the boats and, depending on your needs, you can bring your own drinks, if you like, to have a beer or a soda while you fish.

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Sport fishing is a worldwide growing tourist product and consists of catching fish, not for trade or personal consumption, but for the pleasure of fishing. The fish, after being caught, weighed and marked, are generally discarded alive at sea.

It is a sport that can be practiced all year round in Cape Verde due to the favorable climate, but the main season for marlin fishing occurs in the hottest seasons of the year. Other fish appreciated by lovers of this sport that can be found in Cape Verde waters are: tuna, mountain and shark.

Boavista Island offers natural conditions as well as boat and equipment conditions for this kind of sport, which is increasingly present in Cape Verde.For More information can be found here on the page: FISHING AND GRILL EXCURSION

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