The Boa vista real estate market

Buying a house in Boa vista is definitely one of the safest investments in Cape Verde. An apartment on this wonderful island can become an excellent income over time, both for the amount of tourists who visit Boa Vista every year, and for the slow but progressive evolution of the country, which consequently increases the value of the properties.

The taxes are low, the property is certain and the prices are attractive for investments starting from € 50,000 and up. Most of the apartments are studios and two-room apartments, but it is possible to find units with multiple rooms. For long-term investments, it is still possible to buy land and build your own house on it. For larger investments, vast plots of land facing the sea or overlooking the sea are available, with various possibilities of use.

Trades are, as in the entire civilized world, official deeds and therefore require the advice of specialists. To avoid running into dangerous transactions, we recommend that you rely on local real estate agencies, most of whom work with us. Some examples of properties for sale are listed below, but for a complete view of the offers you can look on the NH21 Investment , real estate portal, as the only agency that contains the properties of all the main builders of Boa vista.

The procedure for buying and selling properties is completely similar to what happens in Italy, with a notary (in Cape Verde he is a civil servant) who certifies the deed and registers it to the “cartorio”, the notary office linked to the Municipality. The registration and stationery fees are very low. The property is full, transferable, inheritable, shared by several people (relatives, partners). Cape Verdean law also protects investors with some facilities related to the move from another country and exemption from customs duties inherent in a construction for tourist use.

After agreeing the price and the terms of payment between the buyer and the seller, the agency in charge between the parties requests the “location plan” of the property (the cadastral plan) and presents it to the notary, who does all the necessary checks to certify its ownership, availability and regularity with the payment of local taxes, which if not paid must be paid before the sale. In this way the property is free from constraints. On the date of the deed, the notary certifies the payment and releases the deed of purchase to the new owner, who can immediately dispose of the property.

The seller must ensure that the date of the deed the property is free and in good standing with taxes. The municipal property tax (the IUP) is paid twice a year and corresponds to 1.5% of 15% of the value declared at the deed. This tax has dropped over the years, precisely to encourage investment. Payments can be made by international bank transfer or check, if the money is already in a local account. In addition to this, the costs of practice and registration (about 250 €) and agency fees where there has been inter-mediation are paid. The incoming capital are not taxed.

Examples of apartments for sale

Villa Cabral 2

vila cabral 2

Villa Cabral 2

vila cabral 2

Villa Cabral 2

vila cabral 2

Examples of villas for sale

Special offers

White Hotel

Description White Hotel

Agua Beach

Description Agua Beach

Examples of land for sale