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In Boavista there are various types of hotels, which allow you to enjoy a stay including all comforts. The All Inclusive formula of the Cape Verde resorts will allow you to keep costs down and enjoy all resort services without limits. The hotels in the city are less expensive, but definitely more comfortable for visiting the city. All facilities are safe and reliable.
The island of Boavista is to be discovered, there are many places to visit, so choose your accommodation based on what you want to do, if you prefer total organized relaxation or if you want to decide day by day.

To choose a suitable hotel or resort to your needs, you must first decide on your priorities. Deciding between the accomodations depends on what you are looking for during your vacation. Travel agents can give advice based on their experiences and feedback from our clients, so the choice will fall on more popular accommodations and already established facilities. Each room has its pros and cons: the resort offers maximum comfort, security and maximum reliability, ALL INCLUSIVE allows centralized controlled expenses and has all the amenities at your fingertips.

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We choose only the most reliable partners, so as to offer you a tailor-made vacation. Book with us and one of our agents will follow you in the purchase of the flight and in the choice of accommodation, as a specialized guide on Boavista.

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