Come aboard a powerful 4×4 buggy, ideal for moving over the dunes and rocks of Boavista! On clay trails, for those who love adventure but without sacrificing comfort, the buggy is a very safe and stable vehicle, suitable for all terrains.
The island of Boa Vista offers different landscapes and different landscapes, in every season. There are endless rocky plains and sand dunes to cross, far from the city and everyday life, immersed in the beauty of an uncontaminated island, in total safety, with expert guides.

The guides speak all languages, they will explain you how to drive safely and they will tell you about the wonders of Boavista, pointing out the routes. During all the tours, active all year round, you can stop for a swim (or roll in the dunes).
During the tour you travel in single file, to avoid ending up in chasms or dangerous spots. Cruising speed allows the passenger and driver to always have everything under control. If you are in an odd number (or there are children) you can get on as a single passenger along with the guide, in the head buggy.

buggy boavista
buggy boavista
buggy boavista

Driving the buggy is very easy, there is an automatic gearbox and it is very stable, but you must be at least 18 years old and have a driving license. Minimum age to go up as passengers: 7 years.


– There is a lot of demand for this type of excursion, we recommend booking in advance or the day you arrived.
– Although during the tours stop to buy something to eat, it is advisable to bring a little bottle of water and a snack.
– The sun is very strong, even if it is not too hot. Bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes (or flip-flops) and sunglasses.
– A bandana will be very useful, especially for some paths where it can be a little dusty.

buggy boavista



2 hours

It starts from the small town of Rabil, where a have small briefing. In buggy you go along a cobblestone road to the Viana desert, to ride on a little sandy path. Continue north until you reach the little town of Bofareira, where you can buy some souvenirs. The road then becomes completely rocky, towards the beach of Cabo Santa Maria, where an old wreck dominates the landscape. Go up towards the east along the beach, in the direction of the wind turbines, one of the most suggestive panoramic points.

After the climb, the tour descends towards the city to make a small tour on foot. On the way back, you enter the Clotilde forest, made of old palms and acacias. Passing by the airport you return to the base. The buggy ride is great fun, the stability of the vehicle adapts to any terrain to make you enjoy the view.

The excursion is also suitable for children from 7 years. No special technical knowledge is required and the excursion ends where it started.

– Hotel Iberostar: 08:15 / 14:20
– Hotel Riu Touareg: 08:00 / 14:30
– Hotel New Horizon and Sal-Rei: 08:30 / 14:30
– Hotel Marine Club: 08:40 / 14:40
– Hotel Riu Karamboa, Palace and Chaves: 08:45 / 14:45

RETURN: expected after about 3h

Pick-up or bus directly at the hotel or in the city. Further details will be provided after booking.

€47 single motorbike (1 person, with the guide)
€95 double motorbike (2 people)
Payment on the spot, no upfront payment