The Boavista island, like the whole sea in Cape Verde, is very fishy and lends itself easily to fishing from the boat or the beach. It is possible to catch various types of fish, with a certain ease, but this activity is thought to have fun and spend a very different day with your family or your friends. The islet of Sal-Rei, called Djeu or Ilheu (small island) is a fantastic spot for picnics and entertainment, usually on weekends and is a perfect place to camp with a table, a grill and a fridge full of ice-cold beer to enjoy the freshly caught lunch.

The beach of the islet is wonderful, quiet, where you can play or swim in total relaxation. A few steps from the beach, there is the old fort of the Duke of Bragança, a historical exhibit that can be visited by feet, where you can still see the cannons that were used in the past to defend Boavista from pirate attacks. Cooking a grilled fish is an experience that some of you have already tried, but fishing from a boat floating in the middle of a crystal clear sea, preparing it on a beautiful beach, sipping a glass of wine or a local beer, is definitely even more rewarding.

The fishing proposed here is not deep sea fishing, but fishing with rods from shallow water and directly with the wire on your hand (a very fun type of fishing), so there is no need to be already experts.


– Even if the sea of the Sal-Rei bay is always very calm, it is advisable not to drink a lot of liquids before getting on the boat to avoid feeling a bit of seasickness.
– It is suggested to have a simple breakfast, with something dry, such as biscuits, crackers, bread and dried fruit.

This page lists the official excursions, with a regular license. If you choose on the spot, be careful to go with people who have a license or insurance in case of an accident.



5h duration

The guide will pick you up directly in your accomodation with a 4×4 pick-up, the time is defined according to your needs, but normally in the morning after 9.00AM.

The car will take you directly to the port or to the city pier, depending on the boat that will be used that day. The fisherman will be ready with everything needed to fish, equipment and baits, while the guide will bring with him drinks, wine and beer for lunch (included). Although the probability of fishing is very high, the guide will also have some extra fish ready to grill, so lunch is guaranteed!

When you reach the islet, after a journey of about 10 minutes by boat, the guide will prepare the grill, while the fisherman will bring those who want to fish in the middle of the bay, for 45/60 minutes. The day is very elastic, so you can ask to fish more or not to fish at all, around noon lunch will be served.

No special technical knowledge is required and the excursion ends where it started.


– Sal-Rei and Chaves
– Hotel Riu Touareg*
– Hotel Iberostar and Hotel New Horizon
– Hotel Marine Club
– Hotel Riu Karamboa and Palace

Return to pick-up directly at your hotel or in the city (included in the price). Timetable and further details will be provided after booking.

€ 70 per adult (12+)
€ 35 children (6-11 years)
* From the hotel Touareg surcharge of 20 € for transport to / r (max 4 people)
Payment on the spot, no upfront payment