Excursions - What to see in Boavista

This page lists the excursions that you can do in Boavista and all the tours to discover the wonders of the pearl of Cape Verde. Here you will also find the list of activities and services offered to discover Boavista with wonderful trips in total safety and fun! Choose what to see and which point of interest to visit, following organized or adventurous paths. In Boavista it’s nice to get lost in romantic walks and immerse yourself in the wild nature of Cape Verde, because there are no dangerous animals. Every season has its attractions: choose when to go to Boavista comparing the excursions listed here.

Please be careful to accept services from people or agencies that don’t have any professional licence. All the activities proposed in this website are official tours, followed by expert and certified tourist agencies and with insurance and safety guide lines. Have a good fun!



Winter in Boavista is windier, but ideal for water sports. The sky is always clear on the Capeverdean island and the heat of the sun greatly attenuates the effect of the wind. Recommended period to try kite surfing, a very popular sport on the island.


In this period, the whales arrive in Boavista. The humpbacks whales of the North Atlantic can be seen on catamaran and sailing ships excursions, lasting half a day. The mild temperature allows any type of excursion.


Boavista is transformed into the paradise of sea turtles. The Caretta Caretta come to lay their eggs on the beach and you can watch them at night with organized excursions. The heat is not excessive, but there is no wind: watch out for sunburn!


It is a humid period on the Cape Verde archipelago: some days it rains just a few hours, and after this event the island becomes lush and completely green rapidly. There is no thermal shock between day and night, but the wind is variable.