Barack Obama praises the democracy of Cape Verde

Barack Obama praises the democracy of Cape Verde

According to RTC, President Barack Obama considered Cape Verde an example of democracy, freedom and stability for the countries of the region, for Africa and the world.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca was sitting next to Barack Obama, in the panel where, in the background speech, our President of the Republic emphasized the values ​​of Cape Verde democracy, its political stability, continued economic growth, strengthened the defense of the economy blue and the role of the small archipelago.
And when the President of the United States presented Cape Verde as “an example for the region, for Africa and the world,” he said Cape Verde’s Creole “to feel proud with Obama’s praise, in an environment where the leaders were present in Africa and the press of the whole world, which is very good for the image of our country and our democracy “. Obama stressed the “political stability in Cape Verde, the solidity of their democracy, sustainable development and the role that the country played for peace”.

The summit, which was face to face in Washington, President Barack Obama, many sectors of his government, entrepreneurs and organizations of the United States and heads of state and government of African countries, 50 entrepreneurs and civil society organizations of the continent, ended yesterday with the announcement of a fund of 33 billion dollars for investments in Africa.
Funds that however only include those countries that respect human rights, freedom and democracy. After all, the rule of law, good governance, to guarantee citizens’ freedoms, the protection of investment and business projects, agricultural development, banking, telecommunications, security and peace are values ​​dear to America, which encourages its practitioners all over the world.

Among other important aspects, this summit between the United States and Africa records an investment of 26 billion dollars in a program that aims to bring electricity to 60 million people in sub-Saharan Africa.
At the meeting held yesterday with the Cape Verdean community rooted in Washington, Virginia and Maryland, Jorge Carlos Fonseca has put aside his reluctance to the clichés, saying with great optimism: “the summit exceeded my expectations”.

The President of Cape Verde this Thursday 7, will make a visit to the New England region, where he will meet the Cape Verdean community, meeting with politicians, businessmen and academics and will participate in the gala evening in honor of Carlos Alhinho.

Place: Forum USA-Africa – Washington

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